2021 Are You There?

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2021 are you there? (a vent post)

Thanksgiving has passed and Christmas is near…

Hello 2021, are you there?

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Hello, 2021 are you there?
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The purple tier

I see that the COVID-19 outbreak is getting worse. My sister and I actually just had a conversation about how we hardly notice stores cleaning down their stations. Last week I had a follow-up at my doctor’s office and no one checked my temperature nor asked if I was having symptoms.

I touched my face that day. I was in so much pain that I didn’t even realize until after I did it. People became careless. I became careless.

It’s no wonder we’re in the purple tier.

2021 are you there purple tier
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Waiting for the surge

I remember when COVID-19 finally trickled down to the states. The unit I worked on was chosen to be the floor. I remember hearing about our first COVID-19 patient and waiting for the surge.

A lot of people would make statements about how COVID-19 is not real or that it’s all just a conspiracy theory, but I remember how scared all of us were having to work closely with these patients who weren’t able to have family close by, how fast they decompensated, some even passed, having limited personal protective equipment (PPE), and possibly bringing the virus home to our loved ones.

Not feeling protected by the CDC during that time was even more gut-wrenching. It was a relief when we were told that all our COVID patients were going to be transferred to another hospital close by. I can’t even imagine how it was like over there…

2021 are you there our hospital never surged
because we never surged..
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I took an oath

I was Charge Nurse one day. I had 2 aides who had concerns about caring for a person under investigation (PUI) for COVID-19 because at the time we were told the virus was droplet. However, to us the virus was airborne. We all just had face masks. N-95’s were saved for Respiratory Therapists, the Rapid Response Team (RRT), and anyone participating in a Code Blue. One aide had kids and the other lived with her grandparents. Both had every right to be concerned. Having to make that decision was tough.

However, as healthcare workers, we often have to remind ourselves that we chose this profession.

We all took an oath.

Healthcare is always changing

I never liked being away from work for long periods of time because I always go back feeling lost. You can be off work for just 1 or 2 days only to find something else changed or something new happened.

When COVID first happened, things were changing every day at my hospital. Everyone was so confused. There were so many questions. Some questions were even unanswered because whatever we had a question to already changed or evolved into something else. I’m sure it was like that at every hospital because no one really knew what to do with COVID. We were all just trying to keep our patients alive while not getting infected.

Now healthcare workers are expected to get vaccinated and tested weekly for COVID-19 regardless of symptoms. Some feel it’s needed, while others despite it. In nursing school, we were taught how to adapt to changes early on. It was stressful (especially for the ones with jobs and kids), but we didn’t go into healthcare thinking everything was going to be the same every day.

The healthcare industry is always changing.

2021 are you there changing healthcare
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First world problems…

I thought of when I wrote my first blog post about an awesome nail makeover convenient for busy moms to do at home especially during a pandemic. I was rushing to publish it because I was afraid it wasn’t going to be relevant for much longer…

2021 are you there oops
I know..
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First-world problems.

Will we ever catch a break?

I don’t know, will we? 2021, are you there?

Nope, but the rona is. Remember that!

2021 are you there do your part

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2021, Are You There
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