Mothering With Marijane (5 Reasons)

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Mothering With Marijane (5 Reasons)

Mothering with Marijane exists because, in short, I’m a hot mess mom. I’m here to inspire and motivate myself and other hot mess moms as I find ways to help make our lives a lot less stressful and a lot more manageable. I will be doing so by bringing you on this journey with me as I find ways to convenience my life, thus your life. I will also be helping you as I offer myself as a guinea pig momma for self-care products recommended by you in exchange for my honest review. Note, when I talk about self-care, I mean everything from mind, body, health, and beauty!

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    A quick story: Before having my second child, I was all about health/fitness and was at the healthiest I’ve ever been. I love chocolate, but I was cautious about the type of chocolate I was eating. I had self-control. I even went plant-based to almost vegetarian. When I was pregnant with my child, I had food aversion and all the healthy food I was eating was making me sick and even more nauseous. I let myself go, but at the time, I felt like I had no choice.

    Now, I’m struggling with getting back to being healthy and fit. Multiple attempts were made, but something just always got in the way. Somewhere between mid to end of 2019 and all of 2020 was not the best year, health-wise, for me and both of my kids. I learned that my body will never be the same as it was and I’m okay with that – minor stuff.

    I don’t have any credentials or expertise to show but being a nurse has made me an awesome multitasker to better utilize my time more productively and efficiently. Being a mother of 2 has helped me find ways to organize my life and my home to be more functional. Having OCD and putting myself on a budget has made me find ways to affordably make my home aesthetically pleasing. However, I’m still a hot mess mom and still learning the ropes of trying to find ways to make my mom-life more functional, especially when it comes to self-care. Just keeping it real.

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    • Mothering with Marijane exists to help hot mess moms find self-care products with an honest review.
    • Mothering with Marijane exists to help moms with little ones functionalize their home.
    • Mothering with Marijane exists to help busy moms organize their life.
    • Mothering with Marijane exists to help moms with little ones create a fun, minimal, and creative play area for their child/children.
    • Mothering with Marijane exists to bring busy moms with little ones on this journey with me as I find ways to convenience our life.

    1. Mothering with Marijane is here to provide a platform for self-care product recommendations

    I will be providing myself as a guinea pig to your self-care product recommendations. Mind you, that self-care is not only beauty-related. As mentioned earlier, it can be anything regarding skincare, health, diet, etc. Self-care is about making yourself happy, caring for your own well-being during times of stress, and looking out for your own health. I am no expert in self-care and the reason why I am providing myself as a guinea pig is because I suck at my own self-care.

    I will be providing you with an honest review, but it will be coming from a typical working mom with a busy life, like you.

    Having a page for others to recommend self-care products for me to try will force me to put in the time and effort for them, whilst motivating me to find products that work for me and also encourage me to put in the time and effort into my own self-care.

    The purpose of my review is to help the person who initially recommended the product and hopefully help other moms who read the review.

    Again, I will provide myself as the guinea pig momma because it motivates me to search for these self-care products that can help me while I’m helping you. This will then help other mom’s depending on the self-care product review. Let’s empower each other!

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    2. Mothering with Marijane is here to recommend ideas and products to functionalize your home for you and your little one.

    When your little one becomes a crawler/walker, you want to start making areas of your home – not only childproof – but functional. This gets your child moving, exploring, and understanding the world he/she lives in. As a busy mom, this becomes functional for you too resulting in a more manageable hot mess mom life. Your child will be able to find baby items available to her displayed around the house without you always needing to find toys to provide her while they’re out and about. This is all dependent on your little one so always proceed with caution.

    I will be recommending ideas and products that you can use to help make your home more functional in a way that works for both you and your little one. I’m the type of mom that needs an aesthetically pleasing environment. It brings me peace and motivation. These are the things I will be focusing on as I offer my recommendations.

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    I will also be offering tips on space saving products and ways to save space living in a small space, small home, and/or small apartment.

    Toddler playing in a functional living space
    Photo by Brina Blum on Unsplash

    3. Mothering with Marijane is here to offer printables to organize your life.

    I used to be a nursing student and now a blogging student. I was always a visual person and I always needed to write things down. It helped me to remember things, but to keep me motivated and inspired, my notes always had to be pretty. This was exhausting because it meant I was always writing and rewriting things.

    As a nurse, I needed brain sheets to help organize and prioritize my workday so that I stay on top of things, document important information, and relay that important information to the right people at the right time. Also, I needed to prepare a month and a half of my upcoming work schedule to coincide with my mom-life schedule.

    Having said all of that, I was always making my own brain sheets and printing my own calendars. I have created a few awesome printables that will provide me and other busy moms with something visual that we can jot down our reminders/ideas/motivating quotes to use so that we can all have our hot mess mom lives together!

    4. Mothering with Marijane is here to offer tips and tricks in creating a minimal, yet fun and creative functioning play area for your little one

    I have a toddler. Toddler times are fun, aren’t they? Fun and exhausting because you find you’re always needing to chase them around to ensure their safety and/or offering them a new toy to keep them occupied just really amping up your hot mess mom life.

    When my toddler was still a baby but started crawling, I kept her confined in a big baby gate along with her toys. For her safety and the sake of my sanity. This wasn’t working for her. She wanted to explore, and I felt bad keeping her confined in one little area. So, I let her explore.

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    Before doing that, I had to make a lot of changes in my home. Aside from childproofing, I focused more on making our home functional for her too. This has made such a big difference in her learning and all my problems would be solved. Through this, she can explore while mastering not only sensory and gross motor skills, but it also assists her with language and fine motor skills too.

    You can find an example of a play area I created here Christmas sensory role-play space for toddlers.

    5. Mothering with Marijane exists to write weekly blogs of my journey.

    It’s no secret I’m a hot mess mom. I say that enough because, well duh. I know I’m not the only one. Working and being a mother is both pleasure and pain. Pleasure because being a mother brings us love, joy, laughter, and happiness. Pain because having to take care of a little human is not easy. Can you imagine 2, 3, 4, or more little humans? More power to you! You want to do all the things for them and that’s totally okay. Just don’t do it at the expense of you.

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    We often have to remind ourselves that we have to be happy with ourselves first to make them happy. Sometimes even doing just that is difficult. Utilize your spouse (this was hard for me before, but temporarily having one functioning arm makes this so easy for me, he’s also been very supportive during my disability), utilize your support systems, utilize those nap times, functionalize the area around you, and/or utilize your organization/multitasking skills.

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    Some of these I mastered through experience and some I’m still learning. This is why I’m here, to bring you with me as I figure this stuff out. Helping me may be helping you.


    As mentioned many times, I’m a hot mess mom seeking to inspire myself and other hot mess moms in finding ways to convenience our lives and to practice self-care. Opening myself up as a guinea pig momma to self-care product recommendations keeps me motivated to practice self-care, thus other hot mess moms. In exchange, I will offer my honest feedback through a review of that product.

    Also, I will be offering you my favorite self-care product recommendations, and tips and tricks on how to make your home a functional space for you and your little one, organize your little one’s play area in a minimally but fun and creative space, and offer printables to organize your hectic mom-work life.

    So, if your hot mess mom like me, follow me on this journey and see where it takes us! Welcome to Mothering with Marijane!

    5 things i want to help with as a new blogger. Mothering with marijane.
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