5 Fun Ways To Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Kids At Home

ways to celebrate Valentine's Day with kids with kids at home

5 Fun Ways To Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Kids At Home

So, is it true that Valentine’s Day is some sort of economic scheme for consumers to spend money on businesses that promote holiday cards, lingerie, and chocolate?


But, if you want to celebrate Valentine’s Day, then why not? It gives us something to do and another holiday to look forward to.

Who wouldn’t want to celebrate love anyway?

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be a holiday just for lovers. Valentine’s Day can be a celebration of all types of love -family, friends, and pets.

Yes, pets!

However you decide to spend Valentine’s Day, I have some tips for you to celebrate the day if you’re a parent with kids.

What can families do on Valentine’s Day?

Actually, there are plenty of things parents can do with their kids on Valentine’s Day. Especially now, due to the global pandemic. Finding things to do at home is becoming common and for some, easy to do. Here are 5 fun ways to have your kids participate in the holiday that celebrates love at home.

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5 Fun Ways To Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Kids At Home

1. Make DIY slime Valentine’s Day cards

These slime Valentine’s Day Cards were a hit for my son last year. Instead of purchasing Valentine’s Day cards, make it extra special and have your kids make their own slime Valentine’s Day cards and send them out to family and friends.

Valentines Day Slime Recipe” is a good post to assist you with your kids’ DIY Valentine’s Day slime and comes complete with pictures. I’m a visual person so pictures are a must for me. The author also offers multiple options for you to choose from when making your Valentine slime. Her idea of the slime toppings bar is genius for slime parties!

I also found these cute heart-shaped containers for your kids to place their slime in once they’re done making them, attach their finished slime product with their DIY Valentine’s Day Card, and assist them with mailing them out to family and friends.

A great way to introduce real-life situations for your younger ones.

“Made with love!”

2. Make breakfast in bed

A friend of mine introduced this product to me. Awesome for uncrustable lovers and for kids who despite having crust on their sandwiches like mine.

A product your toddler can participate in making him/her a master chef in your kitchen!

Let them put their Play-Doh skills to the test!

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Your kids can make anything from PB & J, Nutella, and/or egg-salad sandwiches.

Note, when preparing an egg salad sandwich or when preparing with thicker ingredients (avocado and banana), try not to slather a thick paste or stick with just one ingredient. Otherwise, the ingredients will tear through the sandwich when sealing it as shown below.

The sandwich cutter and sealer will even be perfect for your kids after Valentine’s Day. You can make PB & J/Nutella Uncrustable-like sandwiches and freeze them.

It will be perfect for your kids’ future lunch meals or snacks to check off one less thing you have to do as a mom.

Bon apetit!

3. Make chocolate-covered strawberries

Melt some chocolate and have the kids dip strawberries and marshmallows in it. Your kids will love what’s to follow after the dipping.

This fondue maker is a fun kitchen feat not just for Valentine’s Day but can be used for hosting other small parties too.

Heck with the parties, even just to have at home for the kids to use! (Clears throat) and mom...

Oh hey there Aunt Flo

When in doubt, chocolate!

4. Make Valentine’s DIY games

I found this cute bear off Amazon; however, if you read my post on “8 Ways To Celebrate New Year’s Eve At Home With Family, (2020),” I talked about creating your own DIY NYE games to play. You can do the exact same for Valentine’s Day and create something similar to the game above. Be creative and have fun with it.

DIY Valentine’s Day game ideas:

1. Pin the heart on February 14 -Draw a February monthly calendar on a board and tape that board onto a wall or door. This idea is best for toddlers if you’re just introducing the holiday. Draw a heart for you and your family to pin onto day 14 of the February calendar while blindfolded. If you have older kids, get creative and create a different object to pin the heart to.

2. Guess the cookie/chocolate flavor -Place a mixture of cookies or chocolates in a red bag, blindfold the guesser and have the guesser pick a cookie/chocolate from the bag and guess the type of cookie/chocolate it is.

3. XOXO – Draw tic-tac-toe lines onto a big board and cut out X’s and O’s from foam or cardboard. Tape the board with the tic-tac-toe lines onto a wall or door. Have your kids paint or color the X’s and O’s red or pink. Your family can then play tic-tac-toe using the X’s and O’s that they painted as their markers.

Whoever wins any of these games will get a Valentine’s Day treat bag.

Check out “30+ Fun Valentine Games for Kids of All Ages,” for free Valentine’s Day printable games and more fun/creative Valentine’s Day game ideas you can do with your family.

5. Have a Valentine’s Day photoshoot

Dress your whole family in cute Valentine’s Day outfits and create Valentine’s Day photo props to use for your photoshoot. Put something fun together for you and your family that you already have at home or get super cheesy and creative with everything related to Valentine’s Day.

How cute are the heart-shaped balloons above? If you know me, then you know that I love going to Dollar Tree for all my holiday needs, especially props, because they’re affordable!

“Shutter, click!” or is it click, shutter..?

So, there you have it, 5 fun ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day at home with kids. Have fun and Happy Valentine’s Day!

ways to celebrate Valentine's Day at home with kids
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