No More Wondering If Lovevery Play Kits Are Worth It

why lovevery play kits are worth it

No More Wondering If Lovevery Play Kits Are Worth It?

So you’ve been researching tirelessly whether Lovevery is really worth it and you’ve probably been doing so because you’re trying to find that one post to tell you that it either is or isn’t.


Maybe because deep down you really don’t want to spend the money on it and you’re just trying to find that one post to really justify that reasoning


Maybe you do want to spend the money on it but are torn between several other subscriptions


maybe you live frugally, so you’re just trying to find that one reason that really justifies why you should subscribe to Lovevery.

But aren’t you tired of researching whether Lovevery play kits are worth it? How many other posts have you read or surpassed in hopes you’ll find the right one that will just tell you what you want to hear?

Let me just be the one to put a halt to that.

I’m here to tell you that if you’re the former and you have a baby or a toddler, then you are missing out on an awesome toy subscription. If you are torn between multiple toy subscriptions and are the latter, just know that you will get the most bang for your buck with Lovevery and it is the most affordable compared to the real Montessori toy subscriptions.

Besides, it’s a subscription so you can just cancel if you wanted to. You’re not locked into a whole year subscription plan. You will find out more as you keep reading.

Let me tell you my story… (Use the table of contents and click on number 6 if you want to go straight to the review with videos and pictures)

I first learned about Lovevery play kits when my daughter was about 7 or 8 months old (Thanks Pam!) I didn’t actually subscribe to Lovevery until she turned about 12-13 months old. I had to give it a lot of thought for these reasons.

1. I was already purchasing a lot of wooden toys that she didn’t really need anymore.

2. I wasn’t sure if I had enough self-control to wait a whole 3 months for another batch of toys.

3. I’m a very picky person when it comes to my daughters’ books and toys.

So you see, I too, was that person who once asked myself if Lovevery play kits are worth it?

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Table of Contents

    What is LOVEVERY play kits and is it Montessori?

    Lovevery is a company that creates Montessori inspired toys. These toys are placed in play kits according to the child’s age. The Lovevery play kits are created for children birth to 36 months of age. Their products are made of quality material. No lights, no sound, and no plastic. However, our last play kit did have a flashlight (safe for children). Again, the keyword here is Montessori inspired.

    Let me just explain what Montessori is for those of you who are just hearing Montessori for the first time.

    What is Montessori?

    In short, the Montessori Method, named after Maria Montessori, is the belief that children are able to foster their own learning when given the freedom to pick and choose what they want to play with. Usually, the materials are made of wood, metal, glass, leaves, etc. Basically, materials that are found in the real world. No toys with lights or sound.

    How does Lovevery subscription work?

    It’s subscription-based, yet there are certain products that are sold individually. Lovevery has the block set for toddlers and a play gym for babies and both of these are their single item popular products.

    The block set is extremely popular and was a hard item to get this past Christmas. It’s definitely an original piece because I have never seen any other wooden block set like it. It’s multiple use because it comes with a shape sorter top and you can even use the blocks to build the box set it comes in into a little wagon to hold the blocks. This is what makes this piece so original and this is what I love about Lovevery.

    Majority of their toys are so original and just fun looking pieces. I’ve been actually wanting to purchase this set for my toddler but waiting until she is able to sort shapes and show in interest in building blocks before I do so.

    Going back, Lovevery works by filling out a form where you enter your child’s name and birthdate. This helps Lovevery to better understand which play kit to send because each play kit is specially curated depending on the child’s age and stage. This is another factor of Lovevery that I love. All the toys in each kit are chosen with intent by actual professionals.

    There are a total of 6 baby play kits and 8 toddler play kits. My experience is more from the toddler play kits, which would ship every 3 months.

    When you look into the play kits you will better understand that each toddler play kit goes by the toddler’s age within 3 months. They are staged based. I love that they offer a sneak peek of each play kit so you know what to expect when ordered.  

    Lovevery Subscription Cost?

    There are 3 Lovevery subscription cost pay options – A 3 kit prepay (most popular), a 6 kit prepay (best deal), and a pay per kit. As mentioned earlier, the Lovevery play kits come in 6 baby play kits and 8 toddler play kits. The baby play kits range from 0-12 months old and are delivered every 2 months and the toddler play kits range from 13-36 months and are delivered every 3 months.

    Lovevery subscription cost pay options

    1. 3 kit prepay – $228 but you will be saving $12 per play kit, which amounts to $38 per month

    2. 6 kit prepay – $432 but you will be saving $48 per play kit, which amounts to $36 per month

    3. pay per kit – $80 will be charged when the play kit is shipped, which amounts to $40 per month for the baby play kits and $120 will be charged when the play kit is shipped, which amounts to $40 per month for the toddler play kits.

    Because the baby play kits are delivered every 2 months, you will be paying $80 every 2 months. This will be the $40 per play kit and because the toddler play kits are delivered every 3 months, then you will be paying $120 every 3 months. This will be the $40 per play kit.

    After finally subscribing to Lovevery, I have found that the kits are actually really affordable considering what you receive in each kit and the quality of each toy. Even the box and play guides that each kit comes with is made of good quality.

    quality made lovevery play guides
    Lovevery Play Guides, which could have been printed on regular paper, yet they’re placed in a little pamphlet type ring set made of thick stock paper or cardstock (I’m not really sure but it just feels like quality)

    Can you cancel Lovevery subscription?

    I am most familiar with the pay per kit, which is what I subscribed to. You can cancel any time with the pay per kit as long as the play kit has not already shipped. You would just have to contact the Lovevery customer service team when doing so.

    Again, you’re not locked into a whole year plan. You would just have to cancel before the next shipment ships if you decide Lovevery is not for you.

    Lovevery play kits review and are they worth it?

    I may have fantasized over and over about Lovevery’s products. Lovevery just had some toys that I really couldn’t find elsewhere. If I did, it would happen to be someone selling the actual Lovevery toys separately for a crazy amount of money that I might as well just subscribe to Lovevery and see what the hype is all about.

    You receive a fairly good number of products that are made with intent and good quality in each kit. You also receive a few board books and a couple of mini board books depending on the kit. These books are awesome because they use real people of many different backgrounds which actually exposes diversity to your child.

    Lovevery puzzles exposing diversity
    Lovevery puzzles exposing diversity

    To be honest, my daughter doesn’t care for the Lovevery books and she loves books, which is crazy to me. But the content of the books are exceptional and based off real-life situations which I really appreciate.

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    Each kit comes with a play guide that shows you how and when to introduce each toy with tips on other ways to play with your child. I really made the mistake of giving my daughter all the toys around the same time because I was so excited when I received them. Oops!

    Lovevery Play Guide
    Example of Lovevery play guide introduction of each toy from the first toy to the last toy.

    I didn’t realize until later that each toy is supposed to be introduced in a certain sequence. This actually makes sense because each toddler play kit is based within a 3 month age gap. Meaning an 18-month-old will definitely know more than a 15-month-old – depending on the child. So, really follow what they say. Remember these products were created by experts/professionals and made/chosen with intent.

    Never get rid of the old toddler kits because I found that they happen to go with each other in some way. Because my toddler still plays and shows interest in the toys from previous play kits, I implemented new ways for her to play with those toys to match her stage in learning. This will actually extend the life of those toys beyond your child’s stage (example with video offered below.)

    Also, all their toys match each other, which looks really good on display. Lovevery toys do have a little more personality than the standard Montessori toys, which are usually all-natural wood, red, green, yellow, or blue.

    And oh my, the quality! The quality of their products is amazing! The look of it, the feel of it, and when played with – you can just tell right off the bat they’re made of really good quality.

    This is what really justified the price of what I was paying. Even my husband was impressed! It was the first he really had a lot to say about a toy. So much he asked when the next kit was coming. Keep in mind, that I can only speak for the toddler kits.

    Lovevery play kits at work

    In the first picture below, my daughter is playing with some of the products in both the Realist and Babbler play kit. She is hiding the rings from the Babbler into the lockbox of the Realist play kit. This kept her busy for a good 10 minutes.

    She was really engaged and observing how the locks worked. This is currently her favorite Lovevery toy and we love placing new objects in it so that she can be surprised the next time she plays with it. You can watch my toddler at work here with the Lovevery lockbox and Lovevery flexible wooden stacker rings.

    Ideas of how to extend the life of the Lovevery toys beyond your child’s age/stage.

    Currently, I have the Lovevery lockbox on display with the flexible wooden stacker for her to take the rings out of the lockbox and place them onto the stacker and vice versa.

    I also have pompoms that I display with both of these toys for her to hide the pompoms into the lockbox or for her to color sort onto the rings of the flexible wooden stacker.

    The book in the pictures is called Babies Love Colors Chunky Lift-a-Flap Board Book, which I also love to use for my daughter to color sort with the rings from the flexible wooden stacker rings.

    We are currently using the slide and seek ball run as our pretend-play cash register with the balls as our payment for her market.

    Here is a current video of how we extend the life of the flexible wooden stacker beyond my daughter’s stage using the pompoms to color sort. It’s awesome what you can do with these toys if you really put some thought into it.

    playing with Lovevery
    placing Babbler rings into Realist lockbox

    the realist kit
    She was engaged for about a good 10mins with just this toy

    Looking for Babbler rings in the Realist lockbox
    Looking for Babbler rings in the Realist lockbox

    My first kit was the Babbler kit. When I first received the box, it was quite huge and very heavy duty. It’s one of those boxes you hesitate to throw away because you probably could use it for something else.

    When you open the box it’s like opening up the Christmas gift that came from “Santa.” I think I was more excited to open it than my daughter. My daughter fell in love with the slide and seek ball run right away (That’s the toy in the first picture that is not the lockbox)

    We are currently on our third kit, which is the Realist kit, and my daughter has been enjoying it ever since. I can’t wait for the other 2 kits. The waiting in between 3 months may seem a bit longer if you’re one of those impatient moms that keep daydreaming about all the other cool toys that are coming your way (me). Looking back at all their other play kits that I missed, only made me wish I subscribed sooner.

    Update on the newest kit we received:

    January 2021 – We received the Companion kit (22, 23, 24 months of age) earlier this month and my toddler (who is 22 months old) has really been enjoying the majority of the toys in this kit. There are a few which she is still too young to understand.

    The Montessori Matching Animals actually came with this kit. Again, the quality of all the toys has been consistently awesome. I will include photos the more my toddler plays with this kit – stay tuned…)

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    Update 12/1/20 Lovevery came out with a HOME collection, how cool! Check it out here Shop The Home Collection today at Lovevery!

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